AISU Aloe Vera 20mg NicSalt! - Vapinbolt

AISU Aloe Vera 20mg NicSalt! - Vapinbolt

What I love about vaping is there are so many flavours out there which can be adapted to make vaping enjoyable for everyone...Flavours that are fresh and clean attract me to the vape...

So here we have the Aisu range, from ZAP! However, this time in the NicSalts Range...and they are really good. So for me, MTL isn't my go-to choice but having the chance to write a blog about the new range was a great opportunity, having tried their cola short-fill range and being well impressed, I was interested in getting involved. 

The Taste is of freshly squashed Aloe Vera pulp with a hit on menthol which is a well balanced. The NicSalts are so smooth and give a nice hit. The botanical flavour hits the taste buds pretty nice and not too harsh.

The flavour is on point and I really like how it tastes I must say its a flavour deserving to be vaped all day and even through the night, however, be sure to not over vape as it will give you a pretty quick hit of Nic due to the Salts...

Go on, go get it * at a price of £4.50 GBP

This flavour deserves an 8 out of 10, it's refreshing...addictive and just natural flavours...

Hello Vera!!!

Tested on-Asmodus - Flow Kit - Magenta - NS ready

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