How Much Can I Save Switching From Cigarettes To Vaping?

How Much Can I Save Switching From Cigarettes To Vaping?

Whatever your reason for wanting to switch from smoking to vaping, be it for your health, to lose that nasty smell, for your family or even to save money. There are plenty of others, like you, reading this article that have thought about doing so for some time. Now, they don’t call it a habit for no reason and we get it, it can be tough to kick. However, with a positive mindset, a little encouragement and the right equipment, you’ll never have to worry about buying a pack of cigarettes again.

In an era where we are more health conscious than ever, people are living longer and we are aware of the implications long term abuse can have on our overall health, people are making the change to better their lifestyle. In what may have started as a tool to interact with people socially, mirroring our parents behaviour or wanting to fit in and look ‘cool’. Smoking has changed lots over the years and there’s plenty of history attached to it. However in modern day Britain, it has become increasingly harder to maintain this way of life. With prices of cigarettes soaring and bans on where you can smoke, it makes much more sense to kick this habit for good.

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According to data from the NHS, an average smoker who quits saves around £128 each month, which means £1500 a year. Looking at the price of cigarettes as of when this article is published. If you shop for your cigarettes, at a local supermarket, for example Tesco. You can be spending anywhere from £8.00 to £13.00 on a pack of 20 cigarettes. Meaning on average, a pack will usually cost around the £10.50 mark. With this in mind, last year, Cancer Research UK released figures showing that the average cigarettes smoked per day in the UK is 10. Based on these figures, if you spend £10.50 on cigarettes, and smoke £10s worth a day you could save £36.75 a week, which equates to £1916.25 a year. Now if that doesn’t stop you, we don’t know what will. We recommend working it out for yourself. It’s simple, head to NHS Cost Calculator and it will do the maths so you don’t have to:

But we know that in some cases, it’s easier said than done. Smoking is an addiction afterall, and sometimes an out of sight, out of mind approach doesn’t always work. Smokers are dependent on nicotine and your body relies on it, so when trying to quit, you may experience symptoms of withdrawal. That’s why we recommended easing yourself into transitioning from smoking to vaping.

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There are plenty of brands in the marketplace, and can often be very confusing on where to begin. First things first, decide on what taste you like. Here at ZAP! Juice, we have an array of different options for any level of vaper. If you’re more into fruity flavours try Melonade, or perhaps more desert based options, try Vanilla Cola. But, it’s always better to try a range of flavours to decide what’s best for you. Have a look at our website to view our selection.

Once you’ve got the flavoured sorted, it’s time to decide on the strength of your nicotine. We don’t want you to go from 0-100 and go all cold turkey on us, so that’s why it’s important to avoid any nasty surprises by getting too much or too little nicotine. Depending on how many cigarettes you smoke a day, this should help decide how much nicotine you should be adding to your e-liquid. We suggest, for those smoking 20 or more a day, use 18mg, for those smoking 10 or more, try 12mg and for those who smoke up to 10 should start off with 3mg. You can always try any nicotine amount and reduce the amount should you need to. We even stock 0mg!

So, when you’re ready to make the change make sure you have the following boxed off. A starter kit. When you’re ready to take the plunge, you’ll need a device and some e-liquids. There are plenty to buy, so get involved with the vape community and find the device to suit you, you can even pop into your local vape shop and browse the offerings as well as get some top tips and valuable advice. Typically, a starter kit can cost you around the £20 - £25 mark. Once, you have your device, the only things you’ll need to buy are e-liquids and coils. For heavy smokers, we anticipate they will vape more often and this will incur higher costs so they’ll need to purchase e-liquids more often. We predict the most you’ll be spending is anywhere between £20-£22 on e-liquids a week. In total, the maximum amount you’ll be spending is around £80 a month. Quite a saving compared to the £147 you could be spending on smoking! And with plenty of offers on our site updated weekly, we always want to make sure that you get the best value for your money.

So we challenge you to make the first step to quit smoking. We would love to hear from you too, so don’t forget to send us a message and let us know of your progress. Good luck!

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