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Nic Salts by Zap!Juice

So what can I say 2018 went crazy for the new introduction of Nic S...
Nic Salts by Zap!Juice

So what can I say 2018 went crazy for the new introduction of Nic Salts to the market and they really have taken off like a rocket to the moon! But why is everyone crazy about the transition over to Nic Salts rather than the traditional nicotine shots that have always been used for the last decade?

As an advance Vaper myself who has been vaping for over 3 years now, I have to say I am also part of this switch and find the results to have exceeded my expectations!

One thing I have found and realised is the hit is so much smoother even with the many options of advance tech and powerful devices around that make them clouds like a Red Arrow fighter jet!

This is due to a much lower alkalinity in the liquid that can make a juice with nicotine of up too 30mg and more bearable! The nicotine itself is a more natural source that comes from the tobacco leaf direct and it is said to absorb into your body quicker than a traditional or freebase nicotine!

Now as the vaping industry grows, I have watched closely and have been a part of this magnificent journey. You may have noticed the growing rise in the release of many new pod devices. So many great pods out there and having a few myself I can honestly say that in these pods I will only ever vape a juice with a Nic Salt in and that’s a fact!

I find that these devices that offer that mouth to lung hit when loaded with higher levels of traditional nicotine they can cause a throat burn which is every vapers worst nightmare! We all stopped smoking so that we would stop burning our throats and no longer have to smoke these dirty cigarettes but if vaping isnt enjoyable why would we start?

Salts make it enjoyable and even with higher strength they don’t inpact on the flavour, so you will still be able to taste that sweet Lychee in that lemonade or what ever else your choosing to vape!

I find that most vapers use between 3mg and 6mg balance of nicotine in there juices and I feel that there’s times when that it isn’t always enough, Salts allow you to be able to use much higher levels of nicotine with the same if not better enjoyment!

Having doing some research and interviewing other vapers across my platforms I have found that over 90% have said that NicSalts give you a much more direct and immediate kick which is why we all started vaping in the first place! I know quitting smoking is difficult but I find that NicSalts offer an experience that is closest to smoking the real thing except with out the health problems and nasty smell!

The first Nic shots that I came across where from UK based company ZAP! Juice and even after discovering other brands out there I will always use ZAP! NicSalts, I have been a fan of all their juices since day one… they are made, branded and packaged with such quality and and if someone offers this why go anywhere else!

Available HERE but be warned they do sell out quick so to avoid any disappointment stock up, they also get cheaper depending on quantity too!


By @BrixtonVaper

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