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What is ZAP!Juice Shorfill?

Short fills are big bottles of vape juice that are under-filled to...
What is ZAP!Juice Shorfill?

Short fills are big bottles of vape juice that are under-filled to accommodate nicotine shots.

A 60ml bottle can have 50ml of e-liquid and 10ml of space for nicotine shots―small bottles containing nicotine salt solutions that are added to short fills before vaping. 

The concept of short fills came into existence when the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD), in 2017, enacted new rules in the United Kingdom/European Union for any vape kit or e-liquid that comprises nicotine. The Directive limited the quantity of nicotine in any bottle to 10ml, at most.

Since this development impeded the discount that’s supposed to come with a bulk purchase because of the 10ml limit, manufacturers of e-liquid came up with the concept of shortfills. 

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On examining shortfills, you may find the sizes of the bottles, and the amount of e-liquid in them, a little puzzling given the space in the bottles that are meant to feature your nicotine shots. For example, a 50ml short-fill bottle will have 60ml of e-liquid after a nicotine shot tops it off.

Nicotine shots are flavourless 10ml bottles of e-liquid that comprise a strict concentration of nicotine. Even though they can be vaped independently―and some may consider this as an excellent choice since they are flavourless―they are designed to augment shortfills. 

How Much Nicotine Should a Short Fill be Augmented With?

The amount of nicotine that should be added to a short fill depends on the preference of the vaper. Some prefer a higher nicotine concentration than others. One 10ml nicotine shot is equivalent to 18mg/ml nicotine strength.

When they are added to shortfills, the nicotine strength reduces according to the quantity of the short fill (60ml, 80ml, or 100ml). So, some go for more than 10ml bottles of nicotine and add to various quantities of short fills to achieve a particular nicotine concentration in the eventual blend. 


If an 18mg/ml nicotine shot is added into a 60ml bottle it will create 3mg/ml strong vape juice. If you want a stronger vape then that you should look into Shake N Vape by Zap!Juice and AISU - The term ‘shake and vape’ refer to the need to shake the bottle after topping it off with the nicotine to ensure that it mixes properly. In Shake N Vape you can add up to 4 bottles of nic salt booster making the final vape juice at 12mg/ml in strength. 

It is important to note that every nicotine shot introduced to a short fill after the initial one waters down the flavour of the shortfill. Therefore, shortfill typically is more concentrated in flavour than regular 0mg e-liquid.

As stated earlier, the relationship between shortfill and nicotine shot is dependent on the vaper. The design of shortfills, however, is such that only a particular amount of nicotine should be added, depending on the quantity. Any deviation leads to the reduction or loss of the flavour, but even all that has been left at the mercy of the vaper.

What to Know When Shopping for Shortfills?

There isn’t much to look out for when you want to purchase shortfills. They are all typically come with a free nicotine booster. You just need to find the flavour that suits you.

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