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@smartyohms – Working With ZAP!

My experience working with Zap! Juice over the last year has been a...
@smartyohms – Working With ZAP!
My experience working with ZAP! Juice over the last year has been amazing. Working with a company that have been able to make a brand with both amazing flavours and core values for the industry has made my love for the industry only grow.
 I was given the honour of working with the ZAP! Team at Vaper Expo UK in October being able to represent such an amazing brand in front of members of the community was so humbling. The Saturday of Vaper Expo was one to remember with the stand becoming very busy very quickly made the atmosphere electric, with the team in dancing mode and Jack ZAP! with his phone out ready to embarrass us on Instagram stories we soon were creating alot of attention to ourselves.
One of the highlights of the show was being able to go up on stage a few times over the weekend to give back to the community that has built ZAP! up to where it is now in only 1 year, joined by the other members of the team the reception we had from the community was mind blowing. With so many memories from the weekend and so many new friends made I am looking forward to the next event with ZAP! to meet new and old friends and share the awesome brand of ZAP! and their awesome flavours with you all. Until next time grab your ZAP! and experience the amazing brand that I love so much.
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