by Lewis Mattison

The Financial Impact of Quitting Smoking

This blog post will shed light on the often-overlooked financial as...
The Financial Impact of Quitting Smoking

The Hidden Cost of Smoking

This blog post will shed light on the often-overlooked financial aspect of smoking. From the direct cost of cigarettes to long-term healthcare expenses, learn how quitting smoking can save both your health and your wallet.

Cost of Cigarettes: Break down the expenses associated with smoking and highlight the cumulative financial impact over time.

Healthcare Savings: Discuss the potential savings on healthcare costs, as non-smokers generally require fewer medical interventions and treatments.

On average, individuals who engage in smoking habitually consume 20 cigarettes daily, amounting to a weekly expenditure of £93.10, or an annual outlay of £4,841.20, given the prevailing cost of £13.30 per packet.

This financial perspective underscores the substantial resources allocated to this habit, and one could alternatively redirect such funds towards more meaningful investments. For instance, the cumulative yearly expense of smoking could cover the expenses of a family holiday abroad, encompassing airfare, accommodation, entertainment, and discretionary spending. 

Moreover, this expenditure equates to slightly over 48 weeks of the average 2020 family food shopping costs, which were recorded at £99.00 per week for a family of four.

These financial analysis underscores the significant economic implications associated with sustaining a smoking habit.

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