Z FUEL 03: Citron Freeze Review by Vapouround

Z FUEL 03: Citron Freeze Review by Vapouround

VG/PG Ratio: 70/30

Additional sweetener: Moderate

Throat hit: Mild, with cooling

Citron Freeze is clearly intended to mimic the lemon energy drinks that have become hugely popular in recent years, but how does it measure up against other lemon beverage e-liquids? In a word, intense. This is one of the most bright and bold lemon profiles I’ve had the pleasure of vaping. There’s plenty of sweetness and sticky mouth-feel on offer here but it is backed up by a satisfying combination of bitterness and tartness that bring the profile to life and set it apart from others. The intensity of the flavour may be off putting for some but those who like a lemon blend which incorporates both lemonade and natural lemon zest will enjoy it greatly. The mix is finished with a mild dose of coolant, making for a light and moreish vape.


By Benedict Jones

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