Z FUEL 04: Pink Punch Review by Vapouround

Z FUEL 04: Pink Punch Review by Vapouround

VG/PG Ratio: 70/30

Additional sweetener: Moderate

Throat hit: Mild

Pink Punch is the last in the Z Fuel range and yet again, it should be familiar with fans of a certain energy drink brand. For me, this is the most compelling of the lot. The top note is a full bodied candy guava. It has a dense mouth-feel and plenty of sweetness which lingers on the palate long after vaping. This is contrasted by a mild grapefruit note, which is more authentic in my view, adding a substantial tart finish to the profile, without detracting from its sweetness. The balance of these two opposing flavours has been struck very nicely and for this reason I found myself continually going back to Pink Punch. This is a fantastic fruit profile.

By Benedict Jones

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