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ZAP! Goes Global!

ZAP! Juice believes that dedication and passion for a craft that yo...
ZAP! Goes Global!

Created in 2016, ZAP! Juice is a brand renowned for some of the finest e-liquid ranges, that are a testament to great flavors, rich taste, and a great vape. Based at the heart of Manchester, UK, the company sells their original e-fluid products (ZAP!s) to wholesalers and shops across the UK and the world, as well as to their quickly growing overseas consumer base through their online store

ZAP! Juice believes that dedication and passion for a craft that you love is one of the cornerstones of a happy and fulfilling life – an ideology they have poured into every drop of their premium e-liquids.


ZAP! Juice has already got a large number of loyal followers around the world, which they owe to their premium and universally desirable products and a dedicated and very international team of experts.

The company wanted to increase their visibility and sales worldwide. However, finding a solution that would provide their international buyers with a truly localized buying experience proved a bit challenging. ZAP! Juice was approached by The PayPal Global Sellers Program and the solution seemed to be a very good fit.


Joining the PayPal Global Sellers program meant that ZAP! Juice were able to offer a localized customer shopping experience to buyers from around the world, by launching 60 localized versions of their store and being able to accept payment in 25 different currencies via PayPal. In addition to that, the parcel forwarding services gave the consumers the assurance that the shipping options provided are affordable and foremost reliable.


Providing translated and localized versions of their store, combined with competitive shipping rates meant ZAP! Juice was able to increase their international exposure, and also improve the conversion with international buyers. Since joining the Global Sellers program, ZAP! Juice has more than tripled** their international orders from countries across the globe; from Germany, the US, Australia, but also Japan and even winning two prominent awards in South Korea.

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