hand sanitiser sanitizer hand gel cleanser alcohol CPNP

With the coronavirus pandemic hitting the UK hard, it’s looking more unlikely that things are going to be going back to normal anytime soon, and so we’re preparing for what could be months of social isolation and even a potential lockdown.

If you caught our blog post last week, we wanted to let all our customers know that inlight of COVID-19 we are still very much business as usual. As a small, independent business, we know a lot of people rely on us. Not only our staff, but our distributors, our landlord and our loyal customers. Now, we’d be lying if we said our sales haven’t been impacted by this pandemic, but the harsh reality is that they have. By taking a look at our sales figures, we drastically needed to take action so that we can help save our business that has taken us such a long time to grow.

Now, we are still trying to stay positive and are hoping this virus goes away as quick as it came. However, with no real time scale, we just don’t know how long this will all continue for. So bearing this in mind, we decided to come up with a contingency plan. To keep ZAP! Juice in business and to hopefully support other businesses, as of this week, we will be adding a new product to our range. Although we’re not parking our e-liquid business just yet, it looks like we’ll be venturing into the world of hand cleanser.

hand sanitiser sanitizer hand gel cleanser alcohol CPNP

With advice from the UK government telling us to keep clean, this seems like the most logical business decision. We’re aware that to some, e-liquids aren’t on the top of everyone’s shopping lists when there are much more important and harder things to get hold of, i.e. toilet roll. However in saying that, we will still be sending out your e-liquids as normal, so if you need to place an order, do so online or give us a call and we’d be happy to help .

So to help combat shortages, we realised there are lots of people in need of hand cleanser, and that's one of the reasons we’ve made this decision to develop our product range. We will also be hoping to give some of our stock away to those in desperate need. We are currently in talks with local food banks and charities, to hopefully send a portion of our stock their way.

With these new self isolation measures in place, it has been hard to keep staff in the office and keep them safe whilst they’re there. Meaning we have had to implement a number of safety measures for our production and lab staff. We will be working constantly to ensure that our hand cleanser is making its way out the door and to those who need it most.

Known as ‘ISO Guard’, our hand cleanser will be available in 30, 60 and 100ml bottles, with prices starting at £2.25.

hand sanitiser sanitizer hand gel cleanser alcohol CPNP

With an alcohol percentage of 62.5%, our cleanser is fast acting, easy to use and will kill 99.9% of germs. So for if you’re working at home, doing jobs around the house or for when you’re out on your daily walk or run, make sure to constantly re-apply throughout the day when coming into contact with any surfaces or objects. But keep in mind that this product is highly sought after and our stock levels are predicted to drop massively when we go to launch, so it’s a first come first served basis for this one! For our retail customers, we suggest keeping an eye on our website and make sure to snap up the hand cleanser quick. For our wholesale customers, we recommend you call or email our head office to check for product availability and delivery information.

So, we hope you all stay safe, keep clean and follow the guidelines. The more people follow government regulations, the quicker this will be over.

Best wishes,
All at ZAP! Juice.


hand sanitiser sanitizer hand gel cleanser alcohol CPNP