by Lewis Mattison

ZAP!JUICE NIC SALTS By @Brixtonvaper

Last month Zap Juice launched their very own range of 18mg nicotine...
ZAP!JUICE NIC SALTS By @Brixtonvaper


Last month Zap Juice launched their very own range of 18mg nicotine for use in any of your favourite short fill bottles… But don’t be confused by the name “Nic Salts” this is the same principle as any other Nic shot except with a twist!

Nic Salts are basically what their name suggests… Liquid that use the natural salt that is found within the tobacco leaf as their basis for nicotine. Vaping a Nic Salt allows nicotine to be absorbed into the body at a faster rate than standard eLiquids, allowing the user to experience a more “natural” nicotine rush that’s more similar to smoking a tobacco cigarette, they aim to provide a more potent nicotine hit than most other Liquids can currently provide!

Having added these to all my juices this week I must say I am very impressed. I have always been a fan of Zap Juice and since the inventions of Nic Salts I love them even more, if anything, I honestly think when added to any current juice they make it a much better quality liquid that is very pleasurable to vape!

So If like myself you are still adding nicotine to your juices then I strongly recommend you check them out… Priced fairly at just £6 for a pack of three 10ml bottles. But be warned they sell out online very quickly so keep an eye out

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