by Steven Osbourne

ZAP! Juice x Guerrilla Straps

ZAP! Have combined Forces With Guerrilla Straps, the biggest vape a...
ZAP! Juice x Guerrilla Straps

Exciting times here at ZAP! Juice! We’ve just collaborated with Guerrilla Straps, a fantastic accessory company from the US. They make holsters that you can wear on your body to keep your mods and liquids safe and out of your pockets. If you’re sick of your mod not being sealed properly and want to stop your liquid leaking over everything in your bag or your pockets, these straps are for you!

As well as useful, they’re also very stylish. Guerrilla Straps are made out of black, full-grain leather, and they’re completely adjustable, so they can comfortably fit literally anyone. They’re also handmade, and their attention to detail is exquisite.

Now, you can buy limited edition ZAP! X Guerrilla Straps, exclusively from our website here Be sure to get in quickly though, as once they’re gone, well, that’s it. No more. We’re delighted with how they’ve turned out, and we love that everyone can show their love of ZAP! Juice while wearing such a brilliantly conceived (and brilliantly executed) vape accessory.

Practical, stylish, and fun, and with our own ZAP! Juice touch; vape accessories don’t get better than this!

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