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Considered as one of the world's most popular and famous drinks, Cola is a classic soft drink that has been around for generations. A staple consumed by both the old and the young, it’s an extremely well known taste that we just knew needed to be incorporated into one of our e-liquids.

Combining vanilla, citrus, cinnamon and caffeine, it's a sure fire combination that will satisfy any palate. So with such a highly consumed and easily identifiable flavour, we knew we had a tough job on our hands. After careful consideration, plenty of taste testing and sampling, we landed on the right flavour profile that we’re over the moon with and our customers are too.

Now some might say, ‘Why change something already so well established?’. And we can agree that Cola has been around for a few centuries now, and it’s not often that we like or even need to change something that’s already perfect. But, we wanted to know, ‘How could we adapt Cola?’ We wanted to offer something totally different to the market place and give something unique to the vaping industry.

We knew that Cola is sometimes talked about as a treat, or even a daily beverage for some. But it is and was one of America’s greatest inventions. Known globally, cola epitomises and reflects American culture. Some would even go to say that it is symbolic of America! With this in mind, this is exactly what we wanted to do when creating our flavours, by taking a trip down memory lane, we wanted to revive the old school Cola, from the flavour to the packaging, and that’s exactly what we’ve done.

Introducing Vintage Cola. Our range of e-liquids is designed to be the ideal blend of sugar, caramel, lime and spice. Inspired by giant and fizzy drinks expert, Coca Cola, we have created an 6 piece collection in honour of our favourite tasting drinks.

cola vape zap juice eliquid ejuice 6 flavours

Vintage Cola features a 70% VG Ratio, meaning it's the right choice for sub ohm kits. Available in 10ml TPD bottles and 2 x 10ml multipacks with a 0mg-6mg nicotine strength to choose from. We also stock 0mg, 50ml shortfill bottles. It is also important to remember that with every 50ml Shortfill, you will receive a free 10ml 18mg Nicotine Shot to top up into your liquid should you desire.

And for those who crave a more fruity flavour, we have combined an array of summer fruits together for something just a little bit extra, featuring cherry, vanilla and even mango.

So if you’re bored of the same old e-liquids, swap out that tasteless, flavourless juice and try something new.

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cola vape zap juice eliquid ejuice