A Quick Guide To Vaping

Creating our juices is a lot more complex than just selecting a flavour combination. We put all our efforts into the production, the testing and the sampling. It’s a tricky game but we’ve cracked it. All our blends are premium, but what does that exactly mean?

First and foremost, our juices are going to cost a little more than your regular juices. But here’s why; with any of our juices you can always rely on consistent taste. We craft our product and make sure what we’re creating is only the best for our vapers.

So, what’s inside?


Vaping terminology can be quite complex for the novice vapour, but it shouldn’t be off-putting or scare you away. Like any regular juices, they’re going to contain VG (Vegetable Glycerine) and PG (Propylene Glycol). VG and PG are water soluble flavourings, it really is as simple as that. There’re no foul-smelling odours, just simple bases that when combined with water, flavourings and nicotine, all help to form the e-liquid. When heated, the VG and PG produce a vapour that is ready to be inhaled.

Is it safe?

Both PG and VG have been used throughout the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics for over 50 years so they are 100% safe and ready to be inhaled.


It’s handmade!

We love people, we’re a brand built on regular folks wanting to change the vaping game for the better. We have real people choosing the very best ingredients that keeps your e-liquids full of flavour, so you don’t end up with a poor-quality juice. Plus, with everything done by hand, our team has a high attention to detail, and nothing gets past them. Plus, we make sure that nothing leaves our HQ without the critical quality checks. We pack absolutely everything by hand at our HQ in Manchester, we believe this makes our juice even more special as we see our product right through the supply chain.