Our Timeline |2016 Til Present!

Back in 2016, armed with a passion for vaping, ZAP! Juice was born at Vape Jam, the first ever vape related trade show in the UK.

Having been overwhelmed by the E-Liquids on offer, a brand-new flavour, ‘Melonade’ was later released at Vaper Expo and sold out on the 2nd day, a win for us and a win for our vapers.


Fast forward to 2017, we won the Subohm award for best branding at Vape Jam. But our award winning doesn’t stop there. One of our core flavours, ‘Melonade’ won Best fruit award at the Vaper

Expo 2017 and it even went onto impress the guys at Subohm Magazine where we won best fruit award for the second year running.

Melonade - Zap Juice Online UK | E-Liquid | Vape Shop  | Authentic flavours
Melonade - Zap Juice Online UK | E-Liquid | Vape Shop  | Authentic flavours

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레모네이드보다 더 좋은 멜로 네이드!
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갈증을 해소하는 레모네이드는 미뢰를 자극합니다.
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  • 50ml 0mg
  • 1x 18mg ZAP 포함! 닉 솔트
  • PG30 / VG 70
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In April 2018, our Japanese inspired range, AISU was born. This seemingly went down a treat with our vapers and was awarded best up and coming brand at Manchester Vape Expo.


Then the accolades just kept on coming.

ZAP! Juice was awarded Best Retail Brand 2018 in South Korea by TEBA along with another three prestigious awards, but we just don’t have the word count to mention them all!

The point is, we’re hugely popular in South Korea, in December 2019 alone, we sold 27,500 bottles.

We developed another range this year, Z FUEL. This is the only caffeine infused E-Liquid on the marketplace. But we’re not stopping there! These are just a few of the milestones we’ve reached in our four years of trading. We’re not only one of the top 5 E-Liquid brands in the UK but we also sell to 30 countries worldwide and we’re currently the bestselling brand in South Korea and New Zealand.