Travelling and Vaping!

Travelling and Vaping!

Booked your next getaway but unsure of where your e-liquids fit in? We’ve got all the info to make sure you don’t get sent packing.

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As more and more people have started to vape, sometimes there seems to be a grey haze over the dos and don’ts when it comes to e-liquids. More often than not travellers and vapers are left uncertain over the rules and regulations, this is where we come in. Having had first hand experience travelling and vaping (sometimes even both at the same time). We know what's hot and what’s not. With nobody really talking about the problems you can encounter whilst abroad or even at the airport, hopefully our guide will make your next holiday that little less stressful.

First things first, always check with your airline and the airport you’ll be travelling to and from to if you’re unsure about anything, it’s better to be safe than sorry afterall.

So for those who take hand luggage and to those who opt for that extra space and pop their luggage in the hold, the rules aren’t the same. Note that for e-cigarettes, these must be taken through airport security and must only be stored in your cabin baggage. Similarly, for the eliquids themselves, you can only take a container no larger than 100ml, this means placing any e liquids you have into a clear plastic bag like you would with your cosmetics and toiletries. Once you make it through security, you can happily lift the huge weight off your shoulders because you’ve done most of the hard work, yay!

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All that’s left to do now, is kick back and relax and enjoy the flight, but please remember, no vaping on board your flight as this may get confiscated or you could even get asked to leave! So, make sure it’s nicely packed away ready to use when you reach your destination.

This being said, despite e-cigarettes being the norm here in the UK, the rules don’t necessarily apply to that in different countries. Vaping laws vary from country to country so again, do your research before you travel. We find ourselves in the position where our country has a very relaxed approach,but find yourself somewhere where the reigns are tighter and the outcome could be unpleasant. However, after waving goodbye to the EU, vaping regulations for countries in this group have similar regulations to the UK, it’s only for some countries such as Turkey and Norway where there are exceptions. Turkey has enforced a ban on e-cigarettes and Norway has banned all products that contain Nicotine.

Even across the pond in the US, like most laws in the States, the laws on vaping vary from state to state. Meanwhile in Australia and New Zealand, these two neighbouring countries also have opposing views. All we can say is check, check, check. Do your research! Visit the government websites for where you’ll be visiting and ask for any information on the most up to date laws on vaping and e liquids.

But be wary. Tourists heading to countries with stricter laws should most definitely be mindful. In countries such as Thailand, they are one of the biggest enforces of stricter punishments if you’re caught vaping. Expect a fine or even a prison sentence in the worst case. Alongside Thailand, Cambodia, India, Lebanon, Philippines and Vietnam are all just a handful of countries that have all banned e-cigarettes.

The laws around vaping will undoubtedly keep on changing. WIth more research and studies being carried out, who knows what the future holds. Things can change at the last minute, so don’t be caught out.

So, if you’ve booked the flights, got your hotel and changed your money. All that’s left to do now is get checking those vaping laws. We don’t want you to be without your favourite juices!