Vaping Caffeine with Z Fuel

Vaping Caffeine with Z FUEL

When we decided to come out with a caffeine infused range, some people would have called us crazy. Now, we’re not saying this product will give you the boost you need, but yes, this is an e-liquid with a boost of caffeine. In fact, it’s the first e-liquid in the UK to ever be infused with caffeine – impressive, right. So, when we began to tell our customers, we prepared ourselves for a mixed reaction. Let’s face it, no two palettes are the same. If you’re a tea drinker, or coffee drinker, or perhaps are more favourable towards a certain energy drink brand, we know you need your caffeine fix.

With this in mind, we put our thinking caps on and set out on a mission to create the perfect tasting caffeine e-liquid. Taking inspiration from classic energy drink flavours, Z Fuel is a range with the caffeine lover in mind. With four classic flavours to choose from, including: Original, Super Acai, Citron Freeze and Pink Punch, there’s one for everyone. This collection focuses on sweet and syrupy notes. From Guava and Orange hints in Pink Punch to a tart like kick from the citron freeze coupled with a blast of ice, these juices are sure to keep you powering through your day.


With all flavours containing 300mg of caffeine per bottle, think of them as an alternative way to getting your caffeine fix. If you’re wanting to be more conscious in your caffeine intake and want to try and part with your daily cups of coffee, this is a different but worthwhile step forward.

Containing a 70:30 VG:PG Ratio, Z Fuel is ideal for vapers who prefer larger clouds of vapour and a softer throat hit. Unlike energy drinks which can take up to 30-40 minutes to help fuel your day, Z Fuel can give you the caffeine hit you need in just 3-5 minutes, simply by inhaling the vapour. We recommend vaping these classics with a more advanced device, that feature more powerful batteries and tanks with lower resistance coils. It is worth noting however, that we don’t recommend adding nicotine to this e-liquid as it does contain caffeine.

So, if you want to switch up your vaping game and enhance your day with the help from our caffeine e-liquids, we’re sure they’ll keep you going with whatever life throws at you.

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