What Nicotine Strength Should I Go For?

What Nicotine Strength Should I Go For?

For smokers, we can assume that they never even question the amount of nicotine they smoke, it’s probably not crossed their minds. But take a vaper, and they’ll know the exact amount they’ll be adding to their e-liquids.

We admit, it can be very confusing to a beginner, but that’s why we’re here to lend a helping hand. Luckily for us, and for you, nicotine strengths are standard across the board. All our e liquids, similarly to other brands on the market come in varying strengths starting with 3mg, 6mg, 10mg, 12mg, 18mg and 20mg. Each of these values represent the amount of nicotine in each ml of liquid. It is key to note, however, that each nicotine level can have a different effect on the user.

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Juices with a higher nicotine content, usually give a harsher taste and throat hit. Similarly, if you only vape occasionally throughout the day you might also choose to opt for a higher nicotine level, as opposed to those who will be vaping more frequently. A person vaping more than average can be subject to nausea or dizziness due to the higher amount. In this instance, you may want to go for a lower nicotine level which will provide a smoother hit and allows you to enjoy the flavour of the juice more.

It also depends on the device you use. Believe it or not, your equipment matters. For those using a sub-ohm device, vapers should choose a lower nicotine percentage. Why? Well, because with these devices you will be ingesting more nicotine due to the volume of vapor that is produced when using the device. For some vapers that use sub-ohm devices, we would recommend using either a 3mg or 6mg nicotine level.

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But it is key to remember that smoking is entirely different to vaping. What you’re used to when you previously smoked a tobacco cigarette, may now be completely different to vaping with an e-cigarette. We suggest playing around with nicotine levels so you find the right amount for you, it’s a case of trial and error. Although, if you were a heavy smoker, don’t just assume you’ll need a high nicotine level, with e-liquids there’s plenty more involved than that meets the eye, so think about the impact the nicotine will have on the overall flavour of your juice.

When shopping with us at ZAP! Juice or with any other e-liquid company, the nicotine strength will always be advertised either in milligrams or by a percentage. For us, we chose to distinguish this by using milligrams. Here at ZAP!, we sell a variety of NicSalts all in 10ml bottles. A 10ml bottle of e-liquid that is 10mg/ml has 100mg of e-liquid in total. Or to break it down in simpler terms, 1% of the whole 10ml bottle is nicotine.

As a starting point, the lower the mg, the less nicotine there’ll be in the e-liquid. If you have a higher mg, this will give a harder throat hit.

Thanks to a little research here and there, these are the nicotine strengths you should be going for depending on the amount you currently or previously smoked. If you smoke between 1-5 we suggest trying 6mg, if you smoke 5-15 then go for 10mg and if you smoke 15 or more then choose 18mg.

So there you have it, now all that’s left to do is pick which NicSalts or Nic Shots you need. If you need help choosing between the two, read our blog post here: https://zapjuice.co.uk/blogs/zap-juice/what-is-the-difference-between-nicsalts-nic-shots

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