Our Story

At ZAP! Juice we are passionate about vaping. Our mission is to deliver top quality e-liquids to our wholesale and retail customers. Established in Manchester in 2016, we strive to create a healthy alternative to smoking. The E-Liquid industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the 21st century, and ZAP! Juice are recognised as one of the UK leaders, a team and brand that will always put Authenticity over Everything.

The Zap Manifesto

To the smokers, the non-smokers or those somewhere in between. Here at ZAP! Juice, we believe things shouldn’t be done by halves. In a market that has grown in popularity over the past few years it may seem hard to spot a high-quality E-Liquid due to over saturation, that’s where we come in. We’re here for our customers, and that’s why we only sell the best premium juices that your money can buy.

It’s not just about vaping.

A high-quality e-liquid needs time to be perfected, that’s why we have our in-house product development team prepped and ready to go. Agnese and Jenny are our two ingenious lab techs that know a thing or two about the ultimate flavour combination. Even better still, the guys in the office are thrilled to have them around. Who doesn’t love sampling new flavours every day? This not only means a win for us, but a win for our customers too. We don’t let anything slip, so we never put anything to market without trying and testing it first.

We’re here to Empower

Our co-founders Phoebe and Phong started ZAP! Juice back in 2016 with one goal, to empower people. Inspired by Coxx and Byham’s book on empowerment, the duo decided to incorporate this ethos into their brand.

Keeping it classic

As we’ve grown, we’ve learnt a thing or two about what people want. We never tire of the simple things and to get stuff right, we need to focus on the nitty gritty first. Hence why you’ll never see any pretentious or overly complicated flavours from us. We listen to our customers and try our best to give them what they want.

We’re Proud!

It might have taken us some time to get to where we are now, but with one office move, a few additions to the team and some exciting new ranges, we’re over the moon about our progression and we’re not done yet. In what started as a series of Vape shops across the country, we saw a gap in the market to enhance the current offering on the marketplace.
So, we’re here to do a few things. Change people’s perceptions on vaping, create fantastic and innovative flavours for our vapers and keep it fun! Our doors are always open at ZAP! HQ, so if you’re over our way, make sure to drop in.

Our ranges

Aisu アイス - ice in Japanese, brings you authentic Japanese Kakigori dessert experience through vaping. Natural fruit syrup drizzled on shaved ice, every mouthful is cold, fruity and refreshing. If there is an award for authenticity, we would win that award with this line of menthol vape.

Z-Fuel - These four new extreme flavours, inspired by the energy and drive of people from all walks of life. Whether you love to speed round race tracks, base jump off buildings, climb mountains or just enjoy life.

ZAP! Master mixologists pour their passion and dedication for their craft into every bottle of their e-liquid. Following the success of the ZAP! range, we decided to extend from our every popular Vintage Cola and created Vintage Cola Selection 6 unique fruity twists on the original flavour.