AISU 알로에 베라-50ml 쇼트 필

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AISU 알로에 베라-50ml 쇼트 필


아이 수, 진품과 명료 한 맛으로 신선한 과일과 시원한 얼음으로 일본의 고전적인 경험을 재현하여 동양에 한 걸음 더 가까이 다가 가십시오!

  • 50ml 0mg
  • 1x 18mg ZAP 포함! 닉 솔트
  • PG30 / VG 70

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Katherine Heigl

AISU Aloe Vera - 50ml Shortfill

Max Shaw

perfect all day vape

One of my fav

Good taste, easy to refiil

Chris D.
Downright unpleasant

I bought this because I'm trying to find a replacement for the vintage cola flavour that Zap! unfortunately discontinued.

Sadly, while the aloe flavour in this seems pleasant enough, there is just too much menthol added and it's uncomfortable to vape for any more than two pulls.

I'm using a Smok Alien 220w and Aspire Cleito Exo with Cleito pro coils at around 46-50w.

I diluted it by 50% with some old vintage cola I have left and it was just about tolerable. Seriously, the menthol needs toning down. I'll only use this as a last resort if I can find some suitable sacrificial juice to dilute it with.

I've ordered some of the zero ice variant which will hopefully be what I need. I avoided that one originally though because it had 'ice' in the name. You know.. Thought it was like 'Coke Zero'. Personally I reckon i they should be named the other way round to avoid any confusion.

Why Zap! decided to discontinue the vintage cola flavour I'll never know. It was perfect.. Didn't get hot.. Didn't burn out coils or spit juice. It was perfect! Gutted!

Very Good!!

my fave

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