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What to Know When Buying E-Liquid in Bulk?

What to Know When Buying E-Liquid in Bulk? As the popularity of the...
What to Know When Buying E-Liquid in Bulk?

What to Know When Buying E-Liquid in Bulk?

As the popularity of the vaping industry soars, the demand for all that pertains to it has increased so much that there are many wholesale companies with offers that cater to various needs. It’s only logical that the major reason why anyone would want to buy e-liquid in bulk is to resell through their retail outlet and build a business. However, people also buy in bulk for personal consumption. 

Whether e-liquid is purchased in bulk for resale or personal consumption, it is important to have some things in mind to select the wholesale or manufacturer company that supplies quality that you can trust, whether the purpose is personal consumption or resale to customers. Focusing on finding the right supplier for a vape shop, here are some things to consider:

Quality Control and Legal Registrations

Any reputable and reliable e-liquid manufacturing company must have these documents that should be available for anyone to ask. 

1. E-liquid SDS (safety data sheet) 

includes information such as the properties of each chemical used in manufacturing each e-liquid and toxicity of each compound. 

Additionally it will provide guidance of case of spilages and accidents and what kind of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), first aid procedures and spill cleanup procedures. 

Here at Zap! Juice headquarters in Manchester you can email any team member to ask for SDS of any e-liquid of our brands - AISU, ZAP!Juice, Mokasmo, Z-Fuel,  

Get in touch with us on or

2. E-liquid Emission analysis 

Vaping e-liquid that is not tested might be harmful to your health. Make sure you ask your e-liquid supplier to provides you with emission analysis.

 E-liquids that contain nicotine and flavor compounds may contain aldehydes such as acrolein potentially harmful constituents (HPHCs).

Emission analysis ensure that each e-liquid is safe to vape. 

 The governmental regulations impose testing emissions in tobacco products including E-liquids and e-cigarettes.

The Tobacco Products Directive (2014/40/EU) of the European Commission prescribes delivery of nicotine doses at consistent levels and reporting of emissions. 

3. TPD registration for e-liquid with nicotine

Any e-liquid or e-cigarette that contains nicotine must be registered with Tobacco Product Directive (TPD). 

Make sure you ask your e-liquid manufacturer to provide you with ECID numbers that will represent that each e-liquid is registered according to EU & UK government regulations. Additionally, check the TPD registration public list to ensure that the e-liquid you minted to buy is register. The TPD public list is available to everyone. UK public list you can find here -

Each country in EU, will have different public list.

If your e-liquid manufacturer cannot provide any of these documents, do not buy but find credible supplier like Zap!Juice. 

Please get in touch with us and will provide you with all documents needed to successfully running your vape shop. 

Get in touch with us on or


In the search for the right suppliers from which you can buy e-liquid in bulk, you have to vet their reputation. Check the duration of their stance in the business and compare with as many reviews about them as you can get. There is a level of research required when a vape business is about to start. This kind of research is also required when it is time to stock up the shop with products.


Variety vs. Specificity

The peculiarity of vaping lies in the variety it offers. As opposed to the traditional way to smoke, vaping offers flavours. 

This cannot be attained with traditional smoking, but the fact remains that there will be people who are conservatives. Even after switching to e-cigarettes, some will favour specificity over a wide range of flavours.

 Research and a market survey then become important to identify the preference of the potential customers in your geographical location. If they tend towards specificity, give them what they want. If it’s variety, then go for it.


Subsidised Purchase

The purpose for buying wholesale e-liquid in the first place is for the discount that comes with the bulk purchase; saving money to make more money.

 If a supplier’s rates don’t meet up this criterion, then the purpose of bulk purchase is already defeated. Your research and lookout should be targeted at getting wholesalers that offer credibility and quality without counteracting the profit your business is supposed to amass.

When you purchase any Zap!Juice 50ml eliquids, it will come with free 10ml Nicotine  salt booster 18mg/ml.

We offer more than 50 different flavoured 50ml shorfills and nic salts 10ml bottles ranging from 0mg to 20mg/ml. And of course our e-liquids are TPD registered and have passed emission analysis.

Get in touch about bulk price

Manufacturer/Wholesaler Location

Considering that distance hardly constitutes any barrier in this day and age, if you don’t want to order products locally, you can order them from wholesalers that are overseas. 

They will probably have price rates that favor your budget. However, if, after considering shipping fees, you find that the eventuality can affect your budget, then it may be best to find what works within your locality.

E-liquid Manufacturer Catalogue

The vaping industry is a kind of industry that sees regular updates and improvements. As a retailer who has direct access to the consumers, you should be up to date regarding new products in the market to maintain the level of reliability you want to attain or have already attained. A wholesaler’s catalogue or inventory will reveal how current they are and save you from purchasing obsolete products.

In conclusion, even though finding the right supplier for a vape business can be a little complicated, it is important to sort it out with the right amount of due diligence.

Check our e-liquid catalogue here and we will happy to hear from you to cover all your vape shop needs. 

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