How to make cheap e-liquid at home with quality from my favourite vape juice brands?

Here at Zap!Juice we always have customers in mind - we heard you and here is our solution. 

Shake and Vape from creators of  ZAP! JUICE and AISU!

Making your e-liquid involves mixing the main elements that makes e-juice:  Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG), nicotine, and flavour concentrates.

To make the job easier we have already created a concentrate of our most popular flavours from AISU and Zap! Juice. This concentrate already contains flavouring and propylene glycol. All you need to do is add desired strength of nicotine and tip it up with vegetable glycerin- shake it real good and voila! Your DIY e-liquid is ready. 

All you need is:
20ml concentrate and Vegetable glycerin
Cost: £7(20ml concentrate) + £2 (Zap! Juicenic salt booster) compared to £14  Zap! Juice regular shorfill (nic salt included)

Make as strong as you want - limit 12 mg/ml nic salt e-liquid.

3mg/ml - 1x10ml ZAP! Juice booster top up with VG until 60 ML mark
6mg/ml - 2x10ml ZAP! Juice booster top up with VG until 60 ML mark
9mg/ml - 3x10ml ZAP! Juice booster top up with VG until 60 ML mark
12mg/ml - 4x10ml ZAP! Juice booster top up with VG until 60 ML markE-Liquid diy



Zap! Nic Salt 10ML boosters needed

Cost of Nic Salt

Cost of Zap!/AISU concentrate

Total cost





















Feeling lazy? Get our ready-made Nic salt 3, 6, 10 and 20mg/ml  in a 10ml bottle 

The best e-liquids from the AISU range are:

# 1 AISU Aloe Vera  - icy and fresh, something you fall in love with from the first inhales of sweet and delicious aloe vera.

# 2 AISU Black Currant - fresh and sweet berries with super high menthol will take your breath away.

# 3 AISU Mango - voted one of the most popular e-liquids by our customers - Juicy and sweet, Mango e-liquids have a distinctive flavour and is combined with high ice menthol to heighten the sweetness. 

The most popular e-liquids from Zap! Juice ranges:

# 1 Peach Ice Tea by Zap - the is what it says in -  Soft peaches and loose tea leaves in a relaxing mixture, perfect for a peaceful day in the garden

# 2 Lychee Lemonade by Zap - exotic fruit lovers will enjoy this e-liquid, mouth-full of lychee in your vape

# 3 Snow Pear by Zap - voted as the best daily vape juice by our customers, a hint of ice will make the inhale of the pear flavour more sweet and delicious, something you will be looking forward to. 

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