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Is it Safe to Vape?

There are several toxic compounds that might be found in e-liquids...
Is it Safe to Vape?

Is it Safe to Vape? Possible Toxic Compounds in Vape Products & How to Ensure Safety

From the time vaping came into the limelight, it has been advocated for as the safe way to smoke, but does this mean it is absolutely safe to turn to this new and trendy way without bothering about any effects whatsoever? Are we sure the chemical compounds that makeup e-liquids shouldn’t be subjected to some scrutiny?

Considering that vaping has been in existence for quite a while now and there are many strict and formal regulations regarding it and questions about its safety. However, possible side effects haven’t really seen daylight, as it is still new and it becomes expedient to find out the possible toxicity that it presents and how to ensure safety.

Possible Toxicity of Content and Components of Vape Products

There are several toxic compounds that might be found in e-liquids, however, therefore strict regulations that include emission tests for each e-liquid can provide safe e-liquid for the vapers. 

What are these compounds that must be avoided?

List of hazardous and prohibited chemicals in e-liquid 

Diethylene Glycol

Ethylene Glycol


Acetoin - can be found in flavouring

Diacetyl - can be found in flavouring

2.3.Pentanedione (acetyl propionyl)- can be found in flavouring

Propylene Oxide (produced when propylene

glycol is heated)

Acrolein (produced when glycerine is heated) 

Formaldehyde(degradation of Propylene Glycol) 

Acetaldehyde(degradation Propylene Glycol) 



To make sure there are none of these hazardous chemicals each e-liquid manufacturer is responsible to do an emission test of each liquid. 

Make sure to ask for the emission certificate of your favourite brand e-liquid manufacturer to make sure it’s safe to vape. 

Since it has been reported that vaping has been, for many, an escape route from conventional smoking, questions yet arise regarding how to stay safe after delving into the alternative world of e-cigarettes.

Some brands actually claim to make products that are safe to vape and are actually conscientious enough to reveal the ingredients used but there are also issues of safety measures during the pod production process, such as excessive heating and battery blowout.

So, the best way to stay safe is to avoid purchasing products that come from countries without solid regulations guarding the production of vape products. 

Here at Zap!Juice manufacturing facility in the United Kingdom, Manchester we are proud to serve the customer with safe e-liquid that have passed all the regulations.

During the years we have made several e-liquid brands from the highest quality ingredients. We are ISO 9001:2015 Certificated manufacturing facility and every costumer can trust our e-liquid brands - Zap!Juice, AISU, MOKASMO, Z-Fuel, Yoguruto and our latest brand - AISU TOKYO Series. 


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