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Weird and Unique e-liquids by AISU

AISU Cactus Shake and Vape Flavour Concentrate Cactus is a refresh...
Weird and Unique e-liquids by AISU

AISU Cactus Shake and Vape Flavour Concentrate

Cactus is a refreshing blend direct from the desert, imagine inhaling the unique and fresh flavour of the desert guardian. With its smooth, fruity taste and everything an adventurer needs, this cactus flavour delivers on both counts.

  • Please do not use this product on its own; it should only be used in a DIY e-liquid.
  • The ideal proportion is 15% to 20%.
  • 1-3 days is the ideal rising time.

It's important to note that the Aisu Concentrate flavours are packaged in 60ml chubby gorilla bottles containing 20ml of concentrated flavour, which may be added to your preferred PG/VG ratio and shaken thoroughly before using.

ALSO Available in AISU CACTUS 50ML shorfill with 18mg/ml nic salt booster.

AISU Aloe Vera Flavour e-liquid 

Dare to try the sweet taste of Aloe Vera, also known as aloe vera, added with a unique touch of freshness that makes it irresistible.

Watch the water flow as it drifts through the warm countryside, with the sweet (and extremely icy) scene of spring bloom and the cool touch of the river. The unique Aloe Vera flavour will take you on a journey.

This shortfill e-liquid from AISU features an unusual flavour combination of aloe vera and menthol. To begin with, the aloe vera's floral flavour is accompanied by sweet undertones, while the menthol notes on the exhale leave you feeling cool and refreshed.

For sub-ohm tanks and kits, Aloe Vera's 50ml Shorfill comes in 70 percent VG concentration makes it ideal for delivering massive clouds and flavour.

There's room for the nicotine salt shot that comes with it in the 50ml shortfill bottle. If you want to add nicotine to your e-liquid, you can do so by using the nicotine booster. In terms of flavour, nic salt shots are less disruptive and deliver a more pleasant throat hit.

Also Available in 10 and 20mg/ml Nic salts in 10ml bottle 50/50 VG/PG.

AISU Cucumber Flavour e-liquid

The 10ml Cucumber Nicotine Salt e-Liquid Bottle features a light cucumber flavour with herbal undertones that give it a sweet and crunchy taste complemented by a slight icy effect for a refreshing and satisfying vaporizer, available in a concentration of 10mg and 20 mg nicotine.

Immerse yourself in a night of refreshing sleep, while a light blue wave bathes you, cleanses your body and soul. Leaving you feeling natural and pure. With the truly authentic chilled cucumber, you will be reborn.

The Perfect Christmas Gift for your loved ones this Christmas

Christmas is drawing near and it is a perfect time to show your friends that you love them. If you have been having issues deciding on what to get them, it might be a perfect time to send them gifts that are unique and pleasant. The following products are available for delivery to you, your friends, and your family. These products come with unique E-liquid flavours to help you experience a soothing feeling and irresistible freshness during this Christmas. 

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